ALLSAT antenna cable

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ALLSAT antenna cable

Manufacturer: ALLSAT GmbH


High quality RF coaxial cables are indispensable in GNSS applications. We assemble coaxial cables with RF connectors ready for connection according to your specifications and test each cable for proper function.

Coaxial cables from every manufacturer, examples:
Aircell 5, Aircell 7, Aircom Premium
Ecoflex 10 (Heatex), Ecoflex 15 (Heatex)
H 155 PE, H 2007 LSNH/FRNC, H 2000 Flex
RG58, RG174, RG188, RG213

· Professionelle Beratung

· Individuelle Fertigung

· Schneller Versand

· Hochwertige Materialien

· hohe Lagerverfügbarkeit



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