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4G correction data at the push of a button
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come2allsat GenPro 425e 4G Ntrip Modem

Manufacturer: ALLSAT & ercogener           Modell: come2allsat GenPro 425e 4G Ntrip Modem


4G correction data at the touch of a button – come2allsat GenPro 4G Ntrip modem makes it possible. The button on the come2allsat modem has long been forgotten, yet this slogan still applies to the new generation of modems. The slogan symbolizes the simple operation and easy configuration of the modem. In just a few steps, you provide your GNSS receiver with correction data at the push of a button.

Experience full flexibility in the use of reference services.
Thanks to the integrated NTRIP client and GPRS/UMTS/LTE modem, you can receive correction data via a mobile Internet connection. come2allsat discreetly fades into the background and works fully automatically. Based on incoming GGA messages, the modem even recognizes when you have switched off your GNSS receiver and are taking a break.

Future-proof thanks to 4G network

NTRIP correction data can now also be received via the 4G network. This network has a high availability and is therefore future-proof. You can find the current network availability here.

Use with almost any GNSS receiver and correction data service

Whether Leica Geosystems, JAVAD GNSS, Hemisphere or Trimble, the come2allsat can be combined with almost any GNSS receiver from various manufacturers.

You can also freely choose the correction data service. If you need a recommendation for a correction data service, we are happy to help you with your choice.

The come2allsat GenPro 4G Ntrip modem is used in agriculture, the construction industry, in the field of machine control as well as in all systems for which a correction data supply via the mobile network is required.

· RTCM correction data formats

· Vendor independent compatibility

· Mobile Internet via GPRS/3G/4G

· Intelligent working thanks to GGA messages

· ALLSAT configuration software for fast start-up







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