JAVAD Triumph-LS

Ultimate RTK machine for land surveying
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JAVAD Triumph-LS

Manufacturer: JAVAD           Modell: Triumph-LS

The JAVAD Triumph-LS is a unique GNSS receiver that combines highest performance with a multi-GNSS/multi-frequency antenna and integrated controller. The intuitive J-Field software onboard enables classic surveying tasks up to advanced calculations directly on the device.
The Triumph-LS performance is based on six RTK engines running in parallel for precise and fast fixing. The large and bright display is optimal for field use – regardless of environmental conditions.
Optionally, there is a camera function in the Triumph-LS for the optical documentation of your tasks on the one hand, as well as the extension to photogrammetric applications on the other hand.

Productivity and performance

The Triumph-LS combines 874 channels with three powerful processors and RAM – all inside of a single chip. 874 channels are used by JAVAD to record several channels per signal and satellite – on the one hand as redundancy, on the other hand as fail-safe. Furthermore, 100 channels are used for the scan of signal interference.

Robust and mobile

The all-in-one design makes transporting the receiver more comfortable and easy than with any other receiver. The robust construction and casing protects the sensitive sensors. The magnesium alloy housing protects the open interfaces (SIM, SD, etc.).

Monitoring and reporting of interference

Users encounter interference influences from multipath or similar everywhere. The Triumph-LS documents these influences both graphically and numerically and can be read out conveniently on the 800×480 display thanks to the integrated controller.

· Can be used as base or rover

· Lifetime firmware and software updates

· Ergonomic working is promoted

· Integrated controller with intuitive J-Field software

· 3 years warranty

· 6 RTK engines running in parallel

· Light weight and 25 hours operating time

· Triumph-LS pole included in scope of delivery

· Carrying bag included

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Warum Sie in JAVAD GNSS Sensoren investieren sollten?

  • Innovative Lösungen – Dem Mitbewerbern immer einen Schritt voraus
  • Gratis Firmwareupdates und Support
  • Einzigartige technische Lösungen (100Hz, Spoofing, IRIG, External Frequenz Port, Spectrum Analyser, Jamming Filter)
  • Offen in der Konfiguration und für neue Ideen der Anwender
  • Wirtschaftlich attraktiv
  • Sie erhalten 3 Jahre Garantie


Zahlreiche namenhafte Partner setzen seit vielen Jahren auf diesen innovativen Hersteller.

Direkt unverbindlich beraten lassen und auf Wunsch kostenfrei testen.


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    Why you should invest in JAVAD GNSS sensors?

    • Innovative solutions – Always one step ahead of the competition
    • Free firmware updates and support
    • Unique technical solutions (100Hz, Spoofing, IRIG, External Frequency Port, Spectrum Analyser, Jamming Filter)
    • Open in configuration and for new user ideas
    • Economically attractive
    • You get 3 years warranty

    Numerous well-known partners have been relying on this innovative manufacturer for many years.

    Get direct non-binding advice and test free of charge on request.

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