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Global monitoring of the earth’s surface

System solution for automatic monitoring

Field of application

● Automatic measurement of movements of the earth’s surface and deformations on buildings.

● Use of low-cost 1-frequency GNSS receivers with cellular connectivity

● Low power consumption and weatherproof housing allow flexible use in almost all monitoring areas with sufficient satellite availability

● In case of missing power connections, independent power supplies can be realized by means of photovoltaics


● Fully automatic calculation of three-dimensional coordinates of GNSS monitoring stations with WaSoft or GEO++ post-processing software

● For this purpose, the data of a remote GNSS reference station located in the stable area and known in terms of coordinates are used, which registers the data simultaneously to the monitoring stations

● Significant deformations can be detected with millimeter accuracy and high reliability via the GNSS reference stations

● For each monitoring station, three-dimensional coordinates with an exact time stamp can be visualized as corresponding time series as differential amounts to the zero measurement in the web-based GLOMON portal

● Flexible user management allows access for different user group members

Alerting and preservation of evidence

● GLOMON has an alarm management system in which individual warning and limit values are set and, if exceeded, corresponding alarms are triggered for an authorized group of people via email or SMS

● This allows preventive measures to protect people and infrastructure to be introduced as quickly as possible

● Stabilities/instabilities can be detected and documented using the GNSS-based monitoring system

● Freely configurable reports, automatically generated at a defined time interval, inform the authorized group of persons about the status of the monitoring system, as well as the movement dynamics within the relevant monitoring area.

Installation and usage

ALLSAT takes over the conception, installation and, if desired, also the operation of the monitoring system.


GLOMON enables the automatic analysis of precise GNSS data. With the help of the chart analysis tools, you can immediately detect the smallest movements and deformations.


Be alerted via a dashboard, your email address or SMS as soon as limit violations occur after data processing.


Our support team is ready to assist you in word and deed. Contact us and get a comprehensive insight into our individually customizable system solutions.


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