JAVAD Delta-3

Most innovative GNSS reference station receiver
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Manufacturer: JAVAD           Modell: DELTA-3

Nowadays, external GNSS receivers find versatile applications. The JAVAD Delta-3 is suitable for almost any application.

It is equipped with three powerful processors and the TRE-3 GNSS board with 864 channels. The chip allows to receive all current and future satellite signals. Unique is the reception and processing of the QZSS-Lex signal.

The Delta-3 shows particular strengths in high-precision navigation in static and dynamic applications. It is also used in machine control and geodetic applications.

In the context of post-processing, CORS or as a mobile base station, the Delta-3 is just as suitable as for scientific purposes.


The JAVAD Delta-3 is also available in a smaller configuration with the TRE-3N OEM board. The most important difference is the missing reception of Galileo E6 and BeiDou B3.


If you would like to integrate the receiver into an existing system and require a particularly large number of interfaces, you can obtain the Delta-3 in a Sigma housing in which you can configure several individual ports. For further details please contact us!

Also available with internal communication (3.5G modem and UHF modem) and a powerful integrated battery.

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Here are 10 things you should know about JAVAD GNSS

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    · Powerful GNSS board (TRE-3)

    · Reception of all current and future signals

    · Suitable for almost all applications

    · Easy configuration via NetView, NetBrowser or APP

    · Also available in the slimmer configuration Delta-3N

    · For many communication ports also available in the larger Sigma package


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    Warum Sie in JAVAD GNSS Sensoren investieren sollten?

    • Innovative Lösungen – Dem Mitbewerbern immer einen Schritt voraus
    • Gratis Firmwareupdates und Support
    • Einzigartige technische Lösungen (100Hz, Spoofing, IRIG, External Frequenz Port, Spectrum Analyser, Jamming Filter)
    • Offen in der Konfiguration und für neue Ideen der Anwender
    • Wirtschaftlich attraktiv
    • Sie erhalten 3 Jahre Garantie


    Zahlreiche namenhafte Partner setzen seit vielen Jahren auf diesen innovativen Hersteller.

    Direkt unverbindlich beraten lassen und auf Wunsch kostenfrei testen.


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    Why you should invest in JAVAD GNSS sensors?

    • Innovative solutions – Always one step ahead of the competition
    • Free firmware updates and support
    • Unique technical solutions (100Hz, Spoofing, IRIG, External Frequency Port, Spectrum Analyser, Jamming Filter)
    • Open in configuration and for new user ideas
    • Economically attractive
    • You get 3 years warranty

    Numerous well-known partners have been relying on this innovative manufacturer for many years.

    Get direct non-binding advice and test free of charge on request.

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