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Manufacturer: JAVAD           Modell: TRE-3S

The reference board for you. The world’s most innovative OEM board from JAVAD GNSS has 874 channels, tracks all currently available GNSS satellite signals and frequencies worldwide and offers numerous solutions to filter GPS/GNSS jammers and spoofing. With the Spectrum Analyzer you have the best overview of the environment and can therefore safely and reliably perform measurements.

The OEM board is perfectly suited as a reference or navigation board. Almost all options and filters are available from the factory. Due to high production capacities, the boards are pre-produced in sufficient quantities and delivered on time. Quantity discounts and frame contracts are popular and desired.

The JAVAD TRE-3S OEM board is equipped as follows:

GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5
Galileo E1/E5A/E5B/AltBoc/E6
BeiDou B1/B1C/B2/B3

Special features

874 channels
Update and RTK rate up to 100Hz
Internal memory up to 64Gb
MiniPad Interface
QZSS LEX Tracking

Physical specifications

Size 100 x 80mm
Weight 87gr
MMCX Jack antenna connector

Standard functions:
Tracking: Total 874 channels: All-in-view satellite tracking, GPS L1/L2/L2C/L5, Galileo E1/E5A/E5B/AltBoc/E6, GLONASS L1/L2/L3, BeiDou B1/B1C/B2/B3, QZSS L1/L2/L5/L6 (L61/L62), L-band, SBAS L1/L5, spectral data output, spoofing detection, advanced multipath reduction, in-band interference suppression, GLONASS . 2mm dynamic calibration, direction determination, attitude determination, fast acquisition channels.

Data: 20 Hz update & RTK rate for real-time position and raw data (code and carrier), hardware Viterbi decoder, RTCM SC104 versions 2.x and 3.x input/output, NMEA 0183 versions 2.x and 3. 0 output, Code Differential Rover, Code Differential Base, Geoid and Magnetic Variation models, RAIM, support of different DATUMs, output of grid coordinates, IEEE 1588 Master Clock, RINEX/BINEX data output; Reed-Solomon and LDPC decoder, 64 GB onboard memory for data storage

I/Q: Two high-speed RS232 serial ports (up to 460.8 Kbps), two configurable high-speed RS232/RS422 serial ports (up to 460.8 Kbps), two high-speed USB 2.0 device ports (480 Mbps), full-duplex 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX Ethernet port, two CAN 2. 0 A/B ports, IRIG timecode output, two 1-PPS outputs, synchronized with GPS, GLONASS or UTC, two event marker inputs, external frequency input/output, MinPad interface: four external LED drivers, ON/OFF control and external command inputs, Four configurable logic-level GPIO ports.

Optional features:
Tracking: QZSS L6 (LEX).
Data: 100 Hz update rate, 100 Hz RTK rate, QZSS L6 (LEX) data, IRNSS L5 / S-band, conformal coating


  • Reception of all frequencies including S-band
  • Anti Jamming, Spoofing and Spectrum Anayzer
  • Galileo Only tracking possible
  • Easy integration and configuration via web interface
  • Deep integration possibilities thanks to configuration via command structure


Warum Sie in JAVAD GNSS Sensoren investieren sollten?

  • Innovative Lösungen – Dem Mitbewerbern immer einen Schritt voraus
  • Gratis Firmwareupdates und Support
  • Einzigartige technische Lösungen (100Hz, Spoofing, IRIG, External Frequenz Port, Spectrum Analyser, Jamming Filter)
  • Offen in der Konfiguration und für neue Ideen der Anwender
  • Wirtschaftlich attraktiv


Zahlreiche namenhafte Partner setzen seit vielen Jahren auf diesen innovativen Hersteller.

Direkt unverbindlich beraten lassen und auf Wunsch kostenfrei testen.


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Why you should invest in JAVAD GNSS sensors?

  • Innovative solutions – Always one step ahead of the competition
  • Free firmware updates and support
  • Unique technical solutions (100Hz, Spoofing, IRIG, External Frequency Port, Spectrum Analyser, Jamming Filter)
  • Open in configuration and for new user ideas
  • Economically attractive
  • You get 3 years warranty

Numerous well-known partners have been relying on this innovative manufacturer for many years.

Get direct non-binding advice and test free of charge on request.

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